Frequently Asked Questions

How could we ask for a quote for our wedding?

You can contact me with this form, or writing an email to

When will you send it to us?

I always answer your email within 24 hours.. If you don’t receive it, check your Spam / Junk folder. Write to me if you need me to send it again.

How can we book the date?

With the deposit and signing the contract.

How far should I book the date?

I recommend 8-9 months to the wedding. Couples usually look for the photographer as one of the very first things.

How long do you stay in a wedding?

You can choose within to options. First one from the preparations to the cocktail, and the second (the one I prefer because of my style of photography) includes the full day from the preparations to the party.

Do you travel?

Of course I do! I make wedding in Spain and worldwide.

Are transportation costs included?

Yes. In both options.

Do you sign a contract?

Yes. Always. You won’t have to worry about anything.

How many pictures do you send to us?

It depends on the duration of the wedding, situations, etc. The average is about 400 final pictures.

Do you send us the RAW files?
I’ll give all the final JPG files. They’re all selected, processed, in high resolution and without water marks.