How can we book the date?

The way to make it is by signing the contract and with the deposit.

How far in advance should we book you?

At least 8 or 9 months before the wedding. Our recommendation is to make the reservation with one year of time.

Are travelling costs included?

Travelling costs are included within Spain & Portugal. Overnight stays costs are not included.

Do you travel?

Of course! We love travelling!. We make photographs not only in Spain or Portugal, but worldwide.

How long do you stay at weddings?

We don’t like to be watching at our clock in weddings. When you book us, you have exclusivity for your day. We’ll be with you for at least the first hour of the party.

What a love session is?

It’s a session that is your first contact with us and the camera. It’s usually 3-4 months before the wedding.
Usually used for losing fears, be more confident with us and the way we work, meeting us before the big day.
With this session, more natural results are for sure.

Do you sign a contract?

Yes, always.

What will you give to us?

We’ll provide you with the final files in JPG format. They’re always included in our collections. All the pictures are processed, in high resolution and without watermarks. We also give you a low resolution copy so you can use them in Facebook, emails, …

We want unique pictures

Perfect! That’s what we really want for you! We want your pictures to be only yours, unique and unrepeatable. Each couple is different. We always try to transmit your essence.